BOOK REVIEW: Everyone’s a Aliebn when ur a Aliebn too by Jomny Sun


“Hmm… Well I guess everybody tells me i am too small and too slow to make a diference in this world but i am makimg a diference in my own world and i hope that is enough”

― Jomny SunEveryone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too

Don’t let the fact that this is a very short review fool you – this is an extremely important book.

This book needs to be read by anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, or who is just struggling to find themselves and their path in life.

This graphic novel is a story about an Aliebn called ‘Jomny’ who has been sent to earth to learn about Humabns. Instead he ends up learning about love, friendship and life.

It’s as simple as that and yet this book totally blew my mind. I tell ya, I never thought I’d be philosophically inspired by a snail. But there we have it.

The style of this book is extremely charming, and it’s full of whimsical misspelligns. I’m a fairly recent graduate, and as such it’s easy to think that you’re failing because things aren’t happening quickly or the way you planned. This book reminded me that it’s okay. Everything’s okay. And that really, the point to life isn’t about worrying who you will become, but celebrating who you already are.

This book also comments a lot about creativity, so for all my artistic friends out there who may feel as though they are stuck in a rut or artistic slump – HIT THIS UP.

So what makes this book different from every other self-help/inspiring quotes book? There is actually a story here. We get to follow the characters on their little journeys of self-discovery. Also, the characters are cute as all hell. There’s an otter. Just saying.

So if you’re feeling a little lost, pick up this book. I know for sure I will be re-reading it whenever I feel myself starting to self-sabotage.

I give this fantastic little graphic novel


(Originally posted 27th March 2018 on former blog)

Quote © Jonathan Sun 2017

4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Everyone’s a Aliebn when ur a Aliebn too by Jomny Sun

  1. I’ve seen this book around but I didn’t know if I should pick it up or not. Great review! I think I’m going to give it a shot!

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    1. Yay! It’s such a great little book. I feel a lot better about my path in life after reading it.

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      1. Those are the best books, the ones that change your life! Thanks for writing a review!

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  2. This sounds like such a cute read! Definitely going to check it out when I’m in the mood for something quirky. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

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