May ’18 Wrap Up

Another month gone and I am still no closer to world domination. Damn it.

But I did read some books and do some things.

At the beginning of May I attended a book event in Waterstone’s Piccadilly with authors Sally Green, Alice Broadway and Taran Matharu. They were there not only to discuss their new book releases (The Smoke Thieves, Spark and The Outcast, respectively) but to talk about feminism and strong female leads within their books. I managed to pick up a Special Edition Hardback copy of The Smoke Thieves which I got Sally to sign, along with my trusty copy of Half Bad. I got a chance to tell Sally how important her books have been in my life and she told me that I had “made her evening”. Some of you might have read in my review of The Smoke Thieves that I fangirled a little too hard, and tripped over the table as I was leaving. *doi*


Let me tell you also about a very upsetting thing that happened to me this month. I was waiting outside a shop for my Dad with coffees for us both. When a man (lets call him Jackass McJackass) walks full force into me causing me to spill my coffee all over my Signed Hardback of The Smoke Thieves. And then (BECAUSE YES THERE IS MORE) he told ME to watch where I was going…


But you know, come to think of it, of course I should have known I was standing in his very important manly way, stupid woman *doi*

I restrained myself from using Avada Kedavra because I saw what Azkaban did to Sirius Black’s teeth.

But Sally Green herself later consoled me on twitter and that made me feel a little (lot) better.

If you are a reader who likes Medieval Fantasy adventure stories, and doesn’t mind a slow but meticulous build up you should give this book a go. If you still aren’t too sure then check out my full review.


This month I finished the third book in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series – City of Glass. Before this year I had never read a Cassandra Clare in my life. But as one of my reading goals this year is to pick up some famous series that I have yet to get round to, Ms Clare felt like a solid choice. I feel as though I may have missed a trick by not reading these when I was a little younger. Because of the way City of Glass ended, I’m happy to leave it there for now. It was a nice neat ending with no cliff hangers and I’m cool with that. Before you all go “Noooooo you have to continue it gets so much better raaah” – I will be continuing with this series in the future. I will also go onto her spin-off series too. But for the moment I am going to leave space in my reading attentions for other things.


I continued on with the Grishaverse series this month by reading Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. This book didn’t even give me a second to catch my breath before the action kicked in. And oh my, I have finally met this infamous Nikolai. It took all of two pages of his presence before he shot straight onto my favourite characters list. Plus I am totally ready to give Mal the boot. I cannot wait to read book three, and now I especially cannot wait until King of Scars!


A couple of weeks ago myself and my boyfriend decided to take a little day trip down to Brighton to chill and get some sea air. We were taking a short cut down from the station when Aidan (the boyfriend) stops in front of a small shop on the corner and goes “these are cool antiques”. I head over to have a look in the window and it is instantly clear to me that this is NOT an antique shop.

My eyes went wide and full of barely contained wonder as I calmy said “BABE. THESE AREN’T ANTIQUES. THIS IS FREAKIN’ HARRY POTTER”. Aidan turned to look to at me, but I had disappeared. For I had dissaparated and was running around gleefully inside the shop.

Oliver’s Brighton. You guys, this is legit the best independent Harry Potter shop in the whole world. They have only been open for 6 months but there has obviously been so much love and care put into creating the shop. The products were fairly priced for Harry Potter, and everything felt original and special, as opposed to it just being packed full of Licensed items. I could have spent so much time and money here. So much money… BUT I only spent a little, and invested in my very first wand. The Elder Wand.


I walked (I mean dissaparated) in, a miscellaneous Ravenclaw. And emerged the most powerful witch in the world.

This is a truly special shop and every single Harry Potter fan should visit. It is non-negotiable.

Every day you don’t visit this shop a house elf dies.

Think about that.


Continuing on with my ‘reading famous series that I’ve never touched before’ was A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E Schwab. (WHO LIKED MY TWEET. BY THE WAY.)

I was neatening up our second hand bargain bins outside the shop when I spotted A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows in there. Second-hand, yes, but in pristine condition even by my account (and I am annoying picky with my book conditions). They were each £5, but with my staff discount I got them both together for £5 (blows on knuckles and dusts lapel).

When I first started reading A Darker Shade of Magic I was convinced that it would be the one to pull me out of my 5 month reading slump. Unfortunately it wasn’t the one as it did slow down for me a little. But I still really enjoyed it and I will be getting round to A Gathering of Shadows pretty soon.


The last book I read this month was The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden. If you’re a super fan of my blog (hi mum) you will have read my review of The Bear and the Nightingale a couple of months back. You will have read that it left me a little underwhelmed and a lot confused. But for a couple of weeks afterwards it played on my mind a lot. I got a really strong feeling that I had entirely missed the point of the book and that I shouldn’t dismiss the series. So I got myself a copy of book two, The Girl in the Tower and went into it with a more open mind and a better idea of the style the author is using.

THIS was the book that pulled me out of my 5 month reading slump. It was stunning and complex, yet brilliantly simple. The writing is delicious and the story devoured me. Vasya has also shot up onto my favourite characters list. If, like me, you are a fan of Uprooted and haven’t started this series yet, you absolutely must. They go hand-in-hand with one another perfectly.

May is a funny time of year for me personally. It brings back memories of a particular tragedy in my life and as a result I’ve found myself distant and distracted. But I still managed to read some great books this month even if I haven’t been as active on my blog.

Also I own the Elder wand so… you know… bow before me muggles.

I’m really power thirsty apparently.

Thank you for joining me on my little monthly wrap up post. Same time (ish) next month?



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