Spooky Gothic Haul


Did I scare you?

Is it because you weren’t expecting to hear from me? It’s true, I haven’t written a blog post in a good couple of months now.

My excuse? A combination of good things happening in my career and simple procrastination.

But here we are on All Hallows’ Eve and I would like to share with you a little book Haul that I did recently.

Lately I’ve been having a craving. A book craving if you will. For some classic Gothic fiction. Also to dip my toes into the genre of horror.

I am the biggest scaredy cat ever. I cannot deal with anything scary. I’m serious. I lasted two minutes into ‘Scream’ because Drew Barrymore freaking out was TOO MUCH FOR ME.

But I recently read a couple of books with scary moments in them and really relished the way my heart began racing. Much in the same way that I love the pain a sad book causes, maybe books are the exception to my horror aversion.

Also, at the beginning of this year I read ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker for the first time as my annual ‘classic read’. I enjoyed it a heck more than I ever expected to.

Which brings me to my Haul. Armed with a national book token (which is normally the driving force behind a book Haul) from my birthday, I grabbed a pile of classic Gothic and Horror books that I feel are great representatives of those genres.

The first of my purchases was ‘The Castle of Otranto’ by Horace Walpole. This 18th century novel is arguably one of the most famous gothic novels ever written and helped to shape the genre itself. I’ve already almost finished it. I was really enjoying it at first, it’s surprisingly pacey for such an old novel – but it has slowed down a little. I’m hoping it’ll pick up again before the (no doubt) grand finale.

Second I have Henry James’ ‘Daisy Miller’ and ‘The Turn of the Screw’ all in one nifty edition. When buying this I was most interested about ‘The Turn of the Screw’ which I hear is very ‘The Shining’-esque. Which despite my rant about horror films earlier – is actually a film I enjoyed. It is much more of a psychological thriller than a jump and gore fest, which is probably why I could deal with it.

Shirley Jackson’s ‘We have always lived in the castle’. If I was aiming for classic horror authors then there was no way I could miss off Shirley Jackson. With the recent success of ‘Haunting of Hill House’ on Netflix (too scary for me to watch) I am excited and also slightly terrified to start this one.

Next up we have that good old classic ‘The picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde. I never read this in school and I don’t actually know the story beyond a vain guy has a picture of himself in the attic? Anyway, sounds like a bundle of laughs and I can’t wait.

‘Frankenstein’ is next on my list. This is one I did read (cough-watched the film-cough) in school so I am familiar with it. But I am looking forward to revisiting it through this beautiful cloth bound penguin edition.

Finally, I have this stunning collection of Edgar Allen Poe works. THE LETTERING IS HOLOGRAPHIC. The materialistic bookworm in me screams every time I look at this beautiful edition. Apart from ‘The Raven’ I am unfamiliar with his works despite him being one of the ultimate masters of all things Gothic. I feel that I need to have read his works before I’m allowed to buy the Christmas jumper I want that says ‘Poe Poe Poe Merry Christmas’ on it.

That brings me to the end of this spooktacular Book Haul. If you have any questions about the books or editions I’ve bought then drop me a comment below. Also if you have any scary books that you think I should read let me know! BONUS POINTS FOR VAMPIRES.

🎃Happy Halloween my little book maggots🎃

P.s if the formatting on this post is strange it is because I am writing this on my phone, backstage, in the middle of the show I’m currently in. I will sort out any oddness once I am back at my laptop.

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